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Employment Law & COVID-19 Summit:

Navigating the Road to Recovery

Join us for a special

employment law summit focused on:

  • Coronavirus & Your Business: What's Changed

    Get a timely update on how everything from the vaccine to the new administration will impact your current pandemic policies and legal responsibilities throughout 2021.


  • Solving Payroll Problems

    How to account for tax credits and pay back Social Security tax deferrals. Plus, why federal and state tax laws will continue to complicate payroll compliance for the foreseeable future.

  • The Post-Pandemic Working World

    It’s far from over, but it’s never too early to start adapting and strategizing your business operations for the the long-awaited “return to normal.”


The post-pandemic era is in sight. Make sure you’re

prepared to get your workforce there.

The distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine has made many Americans see the long-awaited light at the end of the tunnel. But the journey is far from over, especially for employers. Requiring the vaccine comes with a lot of legal limitations, the wrapping up of payroll relief and repayment of loans must be properly handled, and there’s the forever-changed workplace that continues to reshape everything from hiring to firing.

All of this while a new administration takes office with a COVID-19 plan that impacts your business’s safety protocols and an expected FMLA expansion that changes your leave policies.

Prepare yourself and your workforce for the last phases of the pandemic at the Employment Law & COVID-19 Summit, a comprehensive workshop designed to help you each step of the way. This 3-hour workshop will be led by two of our top employment lawyers, and includes over an hour of Q&A time to answer specific questions on how to prepare now for the post-pandemic workplace.





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Agenda for the Employment Law & COVID-19 Summit

  • 1:00 – 2:00: The Pandemic's Lasting Legal Impact

Estimates are the pandemic will continue to impact Americans through most of 2021. Employment lawyer Anniken Davenport will provide an overview of employment and labor laws your HR department and executives must take action on, including:

  • Vaccinations: Can you force workers to get one of the COVID-19 vaccination series? If so, who pays? What happens if the worker develops an adverse reaction? What about religious objections? Or moral objections? Disability-related ones? Or even political ones?
  • Lawsuit protection: Learn all about liability protection – what new laws cover and what they don’t. Hint: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • New guidance from OSHA and the CDC: Expect new, binding rules for worker safety and disease prevention. That means potential fines and penalties.
  • Telework continuation: Should you allow continued telework? And on what terms? How does telework impact wage and hour classification? Who pays for equipment and utilities? What about workers’ comp? If your workers are scattered everywhere, can you make them independent contractors?
  • Shutdowns: Understand what you need to have in place to prepare for the inevitable shutdown/reopen cycle.
  • Pandemic harassment: If you thought preventing workplace harassment was tough before…. just wait until the tsunami of COVID-related harassment lawsuits hits. Already, employee and customer harassment and even assaults are on the rise.
  • 2:00 - 2:30 Your Legal Questions, Answered

Submit your specific questions for Anniken to address during this time.


  • 2:30 – 3:00: Coping with the COVID-19 Aftermath: Reopening, Compliance Risks, and Resistance

Retaining staff and paying them promptly remains a top concern. In this hour, payroll and tax attorney Alice Gilman will provide guidance on:

  • Deferrals of Social Security taxes. What to expect from the IRS, when to expect it and how to avoid ugly confrontations with the IRS over the amounts you need to pay back if you deferred the employer’s portion of Social Security taxes last year.
  • Employee retention credit. It’s expired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take it in 2021.
  • How to fix up mistakes with pandemic payroll tax credits, before the IRS does. The IRS gave itself permission to recapture erroneous pandemic payroll tax credits using the easiest (for it, anyway) administrative tools. Here’s how to fix your mistakes before you’re snagged by the IRS.
  • State nexus rules. State nexus rules are continuing to complicate state withholding and compliance with state wage payment laws.
  • Extension of paid FMLA leave. What to know about the extension on paid FMLA leave provision and your payroll tax credit for providing it.
  • New withholding requirements for 401(k) plan loans. Employees who took out COVID-related loans from their 401(k) plans must now begin to pay them back. And they most likely do that through Payroll. Are you prepared for this additional withholding category?
  • FUTA tax impact. States have been borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars from the Department of Labor to fund unemployment benefits. If history is any guide, some states won’t be able to repay their loans on time. Your FUTA tax rate will take a direct hit. Learn how to prepare now.
  • 3:30 – 4:00: Pay Q&A

Alice will answer questions submitted by you and fellow attendees.



Who Should Attend...


  • HR managers, directors, and VPs
  • Payroll managers and administrators
  • Business owners and managers
  • In-house counsel
  • Office managers and bookkeepers
  • Anyone on your team involved with managing your pandemic policies

...and Why!


  • New turns in the pandemic's toll are a given … you need new, timely expert advice
  • You and your employees' safety and well-being at work has never been more important
  • Compliance with ALL employment laws, including new COVID-19 credits and leave
  • Cost-saving and legally sound steps to save your business
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Anniken Davenport is a noted employment law attorney and author of several books. She has served as a professor at Penn State University, where she taught business law and HR management, and she directed the Legal Studies Program at Wilson College. Anniken's legal career includes representing government units in discrimination and other employment law cases and representing school districts in labor negotiations.

Anniken Davenport
Anniken Davenport Attorney and author

Alice Gilman, Esq., is an expert in payroll and tax compliance who has covered payroll issues for more than 26 years. She's written and edited several leading payroll publications, including Payroll Legal Alert, the Research Institute of America's Payroll Guide, the American Payroll Association's Basic Guide to Payroll and the Payroll Manager's Letter.

She is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany and received her law degree from the University of Bridgeport.

Alice Gilman
Alice Gilman esquire and author




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