Remote Interviewing:
How to Hire the Right Fit

Remote Interviewing

2020 — the year that started with a “war for talent” is predicted to end with a 12% unemployment rate. When it comes to the talent market, we’ve effectively gone from shortage to surplus.

The silver lining? There’s more talent on the market right now, which means you’ll have a higher pool of qualified candidates for every position you look to fill. Now is a great time to find employees that fit both the role and culture of your organization. Let’s assess your process to define, source, interview and hire the right fit.

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During this 75-minute training, you'll learn how to:

  • Create a Performance Profile that contains the tasks and attributes you need for the position.
  • Host an effective remote interview using behavioral-based questions and prove-it-to-me activities.
  • Effectively evaluate a remote interview candidate.

You'll also come away with these KEY TOOLS:

  • A Performance Profile that identifies the tasks, behaviors, skills, education and experience needed for each role.
  • 5 things that are needed to host a successful remote interview.
  • An inventory of task-focused behavioral questions.
  • Prove-it-to-me activities to use during the interview process.
  • A remote interview evaluation and process for making improvements.

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Pat DiDomenico, Editorial Director
Managing People at Work

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Remote Interviewing:

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