Effectively Managing Your Remote Staff

Managing Remotely

Remote working isn’t for everyone, or every organization. But right now, most employees don’t have a choice.

More and more organizations are remaining remote — or hybrid remote — workplaces, and it takes different tactics to engage and retain those employees. Virtual employees need more frequent contact, clearer expectations, different daily tools and greater support with both their work and personal lives to stay productive and focused on performance.

It’s up to management and supervisors to develop strong structures that help their teams stay productive and engaged. Remote employees don't need micro-management, but they do need to be held accountable. They must know what is expected, have the right tools and be given regular coaching.

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During this 75-minute training, you'll learn how to:

  • Create a remote workplace that engages employees and activates their performance.
  • Define remote job criteria including performance attributes and workspace requirements needed to be successful.
  • Manage employees to increase personal connection and contact, and focus on performance and development.
  • Develop clear metrics to evaluate performance and build a sound follow-up process to ensure job success.

You'll also come away with these KEY TOOLS:

  • A Performance Profile that identifies the tasks, behaviors, skills, education and experience needed for each role to ensure job alignment.
  • An Employee’s Talents, Values and Interests worksheet to help you better know each of your employees to personalize your response.
  • A Performance Conversation Worksheet that guides you in hosting more productive, supportive and results-driven conversations and feedback with remote employees.
  • Steps to develop consistent guidance and policies for remote employees.
  • A process to assess your progress and make improvements.

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