Termination Workshop

How to Fire Without Lawsuits or Drama



  • Friday, June 12
  • 1:00 ET
  • 10:00 PT
Employment Law Updates

A clear explanation on how to prepare and carry out terminations

One of the most unfortunate results of the coronavirus pandemic is the economic fallout that’s leading businesses to furlough or downsize. Terminations of any kind are the most stressful and legally dangerous moment for any HR professional or manager. Just one mistake during the process – a discipline error, documentation slip-up or the wrong words at the termination meeting – can spark years of litigation. Plus, you have to deal with the emotional fallout … risk of violence … and co-worker response. Do you and your management team know all the right moves?

On Friday, June 12, put an end to termination anxiety by joining us for Termination Workshop: How to Fire Without Lawsuits or Drama. Attorney Anniken Davenport will provide a clear explanation of what HR and supervisors must do to prepare for and carry out a termination.

In this 75-minute, interactive webinar, Anniken will give you definitive, practical guidance on:

  • What to do if you have to terminate workers because of the economic impact of the pandemic – special rules apply to WARN
  • The best way for supervisors to document discipline and performance to support legal terminations
  • How to terminate non-performing new teleworkers
  • How to use a well-written severance agreement to avoid lawsuits
  • How WARN and mini-WARN laws work when laying off large numbers of employees – and how to handle pandemic terminations under those laws
  • When and how to contest unemployment benefits
  • The correct step-by-step protocol for termination meetings (where, when, with who and what to say) – and why some of the rules have suddenly changed

Plus, answers to your specific questions on termination policies and procedures.

Now is the time to prepare yourself and your supervisors for the rollercoaster of emotions, unpredictable actions and legal risks that inevitably follow terminations.


Learn how to legally terminate employment from the attorney who literally wrote the book on the topic.

Anniken Davenport is a noted employment law attorney and the editor of the HR Specialist: Employment Law newsletter series. She has authored several books, including Fire at Will and Overtime & Other Tricky Pay Issues, published by HR Specialist. She is the co-author of the upcoming Labor & Employment Law for the 21st Century by Prentice Hall. Anniken has served as a professor at Penn State University, where she taught business law and HR management, and she directed the Legal Studies Program at Wilson College. Her legal career includes representing government units in discrimination and other employment law cases and representing school districts in labor negotiations.

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