Coaching Through COVID: How to Manage Employees in Turbulent Times

Coaching Through COVID

Amid the coronavirus crisis, it's critical for companies to help employees deal with their concerns, their fears and the logistical issues presented by this pandemic … all while helping workers perform their jobs at the highest level.

What's the key to making this happen efficiently and effectively? Workplace coaching.

New research shows that coaching employees (asking, listening, guiding) is absolutely more effective than the old methods of management (telling, directing and controlling). Coaching improves engagement, productivity and retention. And the current pandemic makes coaching even more vital than ever.

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Nationally known executive coach Jay Forte will train your managers on the most important steps to support employees in this period of great uncertainty.

You will learn:

  • How today's pandemic has shifted employees away from performance toward anxiety (and how to reverse that trend)
  • The difference between managing and coaching – what it looks like and how to nurture it
  • How your coaches can provide the 3 things employees crave in today's uncertainty
  • The simple steps managers can take to address their own fears and anxiety (and to be present and available to their employees)
  • An easy-to-implement workplace coaching process and 3 core coaching skills
  • Whether remote or local, how to use workplace coaching to help employees stay calm and focused on performance

According to Gallup's State of the American Workplace report, "Training managers to think and act like coaches is the single most important talent initiative that all organizations should be working on."

Discover how managers can keep productivity high during these unprecedented times. By shifting from managing to coaching, you'll create employees who are more engaged, more accountable, perform better, think more dynamically and stay longer. Get your copy of Coaching Through COVID now!



Pat DiDomenico, Editorial Director
Managing People at Work

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Coaching Through COVID

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Jay Forte, the president of The Forte Factor, is a consultant, speaker, CEO coach and nationally ranked thought leader on performance. He is the author of several books, including Fire Up Your Employees and The Greatness Zone, and a former financial executive and corporate educator. Jay's friendly and entertaining approach engages his audiences while presenting practical, concrete advice to improve your recruiting and retention quality.

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