Secrets of the Ridiculously Successful

They focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking? That’s a myth to hold others back.

How about YOU? How good are you at blocking out distractions, keeping smartphone in pocket or purse? The successful use tricks to keep their eye on the ball, you know. Would you like to discover these tricks for your own use?

They make time for play, time for meals. Burnout is a luxury they can’t afford.

How about YOU? Think you’re scoring points being seen eating lunch at your desk? There are better ways to get the attention of leadership, you know. It’d be good to know them, wouldn’t it?

They use a notebook or notebook app. Notes unclutter the mind for what’s important.

How about YOU? A million things buzzing inside your head? The more successful you become, the better you get at controlling thoughts. It’s a teachable skill. You could benefit from learning it.

They delegate everything. They ask How can we get this done? Not How can I do this?

How about YOU? Trouble asking others to do what you know you can do better? Difficulty parceling out assignments? No one is born with these skills. You can discover them. Would you like to?

Leadership Briefings Sample Issue

Yes! I’m ready to face new challenges with this expert advice.


Dear Ambitious Executive,

The corporate ladder was made for climbing. And climbing is a skill.

We coach that skill. We help you get where you want to be — easier, better, faster.

We are Leadership Briefings, the executive intelligence service for intelligent executives. Men and women who know that knowledge is power, and power is the things you want from life: Respect … prestige … comfort … money.

You can start your own climb up that ladder. Today.

Here’s how.

Secrets of the ridiculously successful

  • The 7 habits you can start emulating this very minute
  • The 5 skills every world-class leader has
  • The 5 steps NFL coaches use to build championship teams

Teamwork and team-building

  • The 5 rules of effective teamwork
  • The 4 questions that bring the most aloof employee back on the team
  • The 10 best ways to build trust among employees

Time management/self-management

  • The 2 must-do’s for keeping track of projects
  • New Web tools — 7 of ‘em — to help you be a better leader (many are free to use)
  • The 5 tips for setting SMART goals
Leadership Briefings Sample Issue

Yes! I’m ready to face new challenges with this expert advice.


Once They Were Just Like You

The ridiculously successful once were people like you — men and women in companies large and small, government, military, nonprofits — doing OK, but wanting more … smart, but aware that smart by itself is not enough … good with people, but knowing how much better they could be.

They studied up. They stayed awake nights absorbing knowledge to help them get ahead. Many became our subscribers, relying on Leadership Briefings for an always-at-your-fingertips source of news, information, analysis and advice available 24/7 on our secure, password-protected website. There they discovered guidance on —

Eliciting the best

  • The 3 things to say to your best workers (plus 3 ways to praise workers you dislike)
  • Ways to support go-getters on their path to success
  • The 5 ways to build stronger teams by boosting members’ emotional intelligence

Dealing one on one

  • 4 methods to extract value from every encounter
  • The power of stories: How a pet lizard helped a hospital president bond with 2,000 workers
  • The 6 best practices for confrontations with employees

Leadership Briefings even shows what NOT to do — best ways to stay out of trouble …

  • The 7 best documentation practices to nip discrimination-related lawsuits in the bud
  • The 3 no-no’s of delegating
  • And 3 simply terrible salary-negotiating techniques!

I’ve just offered a hint, a mere taste of what you’ll discover with your Leadership Briefings subscription. Think of it as a toolkit for success stocked with the things you need, starting with a monthly newsletter that features the new, the informative, the useful, the interesting, boiled down into 8 quick-reading pages. And so much more 

  • Breaking News

    Updated every single weekday — leadership skills and best practices, management training, people management, performance reviews, preventing workplace violence, team-building (to name just a few)

  • Online Forms

    Job descriptions, for example, covering nearly 40 lines of work from accounting to warehousing

  • Video Library

    An ever-changing collection of inspiring interviews with folks who’ve made it themselves and now want to help you achieve similar success

  • Bread-and-Butter Features

    “Lessons from the Courts” and “The 1-Minute Strategist”

  • The Kevin Eikenberry Blog

    “Remarkable Leadership” is Kevin’s ongoing coaching seminar, featuring topics like “4 Fears that Keep Us from Innovating,” “5 Ways to Lead Projects More Effectively” and “How Leaders Should Follow the News: 6 Strategies”

  • Free E-Letters

    These burnish leadership skills while exposing you to other corporate areas you work alongside, including HR, office technology and employment law

Leadership Briefings Sample Issue

Yes! I’m ready to face new challenges with this expert advice.

Leadership Briefings Bonuses

8 Bonus Special Reports, a $476.65 Value, Absolutely FREE

And then there are the bonuses … FREE bonuses, EIGHT of them! … that propel you into the front ranks, with titles that include —

Business Is War: 9 Classic Rules of War for Winning Big in Business

Business Is War: 9 Classic Rules of War for Winning Big in Business

It’s your choice to wander through a career that’s haphazard and unfocused … or to seize control of the biggest campaign of your life. When you’re ready to map out the strategies that will advance your career and win you the prizes you dream of, Business is War: 9 Classic Rules of War for Winning Big in Business is your field manual for business success.

Decision-Making: A 6-Step Guide to Choosing Your Best Option

Decision-Making: A 6-Step Guide to Choosing Your Best Option

Over 75% of employees and managers miss opportunities because they can’t make decisions fast enough. But you can beat the clock and the odds. Discover simple secrets for solving problems with sharper insights and stress-free success. Decision-Making: A Six-Step Guide to Choosing Your Best Option will put you on the path to making the best choice every time, without any hesitation or uncertainty. You’ll never again freeze up when you have to make a decision under pressure.

Delegating with Confidence: Secrets from the Trenches

Delegating with Confidence: Secrets from the Trenches

Anyone can dump a stack of papers on someone’s desk. But truly successful delegating takes much more. Now, you can learn the field-tested techniques your colleagues use to motivate … communicate … and get more done every day. You can’t do everything … but you can be confident that everything is getting done.

How to Talk and Look Like a Leader

Whether you’ve been in a leadership role for a while, are new to it or have it as one of your career goals, you know that one of the biggest challenges all leaders face is to be taken seriously. How to Talk and Look Like a Leader teaches the three A’s of looking and acting like a leader: articulation, appearance and assertiveness. Become a better leader with this valuable audio recording.

Mastering Business Finance

Mastering Business Finance

In today’s downsizing business world, employees at all levels — and in all departments — need to understand business finance. If you’ve never had to worry about finance before, this array of numbers and terms can be overwhelming. Don’t let a lack of financial knowledge get you embarrassed — or downsized. Mastering Business Finance helps you crunch the numbers like a Wall Street pro. You’ll get step-by-step insights into the world of finance. You’ll be using — and understanding — financial terms within days. One quick read will make you fluent in the language of business finance.

Mastering Business Negotiation

Mastering Business Negotiation

Enjoy a whole new level of persuasive power. This step-by-step guide is for everyone (even the nervous, pushy, impulsive or tongue-tied) who wants a better deal at home, at work … and in life! Packed with practical pointers, Mastering Business Negotiation will show you how to negotiate with forcefulness and grace by building skills in four critical areas: listening, clarity of purpose, confidence and emotional control.

Mastering Business Presentations

No matter where or when you’re in the spotlight, you’ll be cool, clear and persuasive with tactics that make your points come alive, distill your best message and tenderize the toughest audience. Use the methods perfected by legendary speakers such as FDR and Abraham Lincoln, and by high-profilers Steve Jobs and Jerry Seinfeld. Then enjoy the applause!

Mastering Office Politics

Mastering Office Politics

How often have you heard that the only way to win at office politics is with dirty tricks? The truth is that getting ahead is really about subtlety, finesse and the artful orchestration of your agenda. Learn how to play the game, increase your personal magnetism and remove the roadblocks between you and your most wished-for goals!

These EIGHT bonuses, if purchased separately, would set your organization back a grand total of $476.65. That’s far, far more than the cost of Leadership Briefings, which is only …

Leadership Briefings Price

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It works out to 40¢ per day. You can’t even get a cup of coffee for 40¢, let alone a fount of leadership wisdom that positions you for great things, now and down the road. Figure it out yourself:

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... if just one idea — one flash of insight from Leadership Briefings — helps you build an award-winning team … seal a multimillion-dollar deal … or catch your boss’s attention (in a good way) … then I think you’ll agree, the subscription has paid for itself many, many, many times over.

Half of all employees quit due to conflicts with direct superiors, Gallup finds. By 2024, 8% of U.S. employees will be 65 or older, BLS forecasts. There’s a formula to calculate the optimum number of HR personnel in your workplace. These are all facts — facts you need to do your job right. You may not know them … but Leadership Briefings readers do.

Famous race-car driver Bobby Unser said it: “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” We help with the preparation. The rest is up to you. Subscribe today.


Phillip A. Ash

Leadership Briefings

Yes! I’m ready to face new challenges with this expert advice.


P.S. Still on the fence? How about a ninth FREE bonus? It’s The Little Black Book of Executive Secrets, the classic boardroom ‘war manual’ that’s helped thousands of ambitious men and women climb that career ladder with nary a slip. It’s free when you act now.

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P.P.P.S. A personal note, if I may.

Our company, Business Management Daily, is a small entrepreneurial business. Our staff of journalists, analysts and experts work in offices located in Falls Church, VA, a few miles outside the Nation’s Capital. Every day we come to work with just one mission: to dig up news and information that helps executives like you succeed in your career and rise in your organization.

This company was started quite a while ago by my dad, Allie Ash. Dad might not like me saying it but he’s kind of a big name in our little world of specialized information publishing, with lots of awards and honors to his name. Dad is still plenty active in the business but he’s turned the operational reins over to me. It’s an honor — and a responsibility — I try to live up to every day.

I’m saying all this to make the point that my word matters. The things I say in letters like this are the truth because they have to be. It’s my company — our company – and it’s our names that are on the line. We got where we are by telling subscribers the truth, not running con games or snow jobs, and here is where we plan to stay. We’re not after a quick buck. We’re in for the long haul.

That’s our business model, pure and simple. We want you to stick around … to renew your subscriptions year after year after year. We can only achieve that by giving you the straight dope. That and that alone is what you need to survive — and prosper — year … after year … after year.

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