Difficult People at Work

You’re done pulling out your hair. You’re going to pull out theirs: Ms. Perfectionist and Mr. Put-Down Artist – bald. The Coaster, Space Cadet and Saboteur – bald, bald, and bald! Then, you’re going to push the ultimate button and send the rest of those nasty, lazy, dumb-and-dumber people into orbit.

Trouble is, jail time could set back your career. So why risk it – especially when there is a perfectly legal, perfectly ingenious way to de-claw every single one of the 24 “raised by wolves” personality types keeping you from doing your job, getting ahead and getting home at night relatively sane …

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Difficult People at Work

Yes! Rush me Difficult People at Work. I understand that I can review my copy risk-free. And if I don't quickly get co-workers in line – so my days are smoother, saner and more productive – you'll refund my entire purchase price. No questions asked, and I’ll have no further obligation. On that basis, here’s my order.

  • Yes! I want to tame the wolves and weasels in my workplace.

Stop giving co-workers the power to spike your blood pressure.

Change the game – so YOU make the rules!

From now on, you're in charge. From now on, you're off-limits to time-wasters, gossip-spreaders, back-stabbers and bullies. No more getting bulldozed. No more cleaning up other people's messes.

Fractured days, sleepless nights, stalled career: NO MORE!  And never again. Because from the moment you start reading Difficult People at Work, you unlock the secrets for neutralizing problem people … for good.

This all-time best-seller reveals proven, practical strategies you can use immediately to restore your power, protect your personal space and actually free yourself to get ahead. (Ahhh, how satisfying!!!!!)

Difficult People at Work

Don’t lose your health and sanity to toxic co-workers! Get your copy of Difficult People at Work today!

  • Yes! I want to tame the wolves and weasels in my workplace.

Disconnect your office Button Pusher!

Bring that Put-down Artist up short …

Get that lazy Coaster rolling …

Outsmart the Wise Guy …

Difficult People at Work tells you how!  Personality by personality, you'll learn shockingly easy ways to identify, defuse, manage and even motivate the 24 all-time, most-challenging personality types, including …

  • The Tyrant. An amazingly simple strategy softens the "rant" of a Tyrant Boss who bullies, berates, humiliates and declares "my way or the highway."
  • The Saboteur. Often driven by envy, this person works behind your back to slander and sabotage you. Devious and hard to catch – unless you know the secret!
  • The Space Cadet. Not from Mars, although their behavior is often out of this world: absent-minded, inefficient, poor judgment. Usually pleasant, but simply can’t get the job done. Here's how to change all that …
  • The Power Posturer. Loves power and makes all the right moves to get you to believe that he or she wields tremendous influence. POOF – you can shrink them down to size.
  • The Peddler. Always selling raffle tickets or cookies to co-workers. Here's a gentle way to shut down the workplace bazaar.
  • The Bulldozer. Pushy, abrasive, aggressive and overly blunt. Learn how to stand your ground without getting flattened.
  • The Button Pusher. This sneaky type gets what they want by subtly exploiting the weaknesses of others. Discover their Achilles heel!
  • The Coaster. Hasn't done anything in months. Drags down the team's performance. Here's how to get them rolling again.
  • The Lifer. Been with the company forever, but quit caring ages ago. Use this simple tactic to bring them back to life.
  • The Petty Bureaucrat. Frustrated by a low-level position, this troublemaker takes pleasure in creating obstacles for others. But now, the jig's up!
  • The Malignant. Truly twisted. When you're up against someone so ready to lie, steal and cheat, here's exactly what you must do – and fast.
  • The Sexual Harasser. Two types: (1) the flirt who goes too far, and (2) the heavy-duty harasser out to overpower his victims. Either way, here's how to handle them both!
  • The Undercover Operator. Always smiling and telling you how great it is to work with you, until this snake-in-the-grass strikes. Three strategies expose – and defang – this operator's agenda.

Plus, secrets, strategies and delightfully satisfying ways to neutralize all 24 problem personalities, even ...

  • The Credit Grabber. Don’t let a “mind-pirate” steal all your glory. Learn the six strategies that turn the tables so YOU get the credit – and the spotlight – you deserve.
Difficult People at Work

Don’t lose your health and sanity to toxic co-workers! Get your copy of Difficult People at Work today!

  • Yes! I want to tame the wolves and weasels in my workplace.

Take the trouble out of troublemakers.

Aggressors, underachievers, manipulators … recognize them for who they are, and then sweep them out of your way. Once and for all.

Difficult People at Work reveals the other kind of people skills – the ones that aren't taught in business school, but should be because toxic co-workers can absolutely pollute your work environment and your career.

So yes, by all means, be a strong leader and set an example, motivate, mentor and manage your team.  But if someone sticks a foot out to trip you … well, you'll know what to do!

Difficult People at Work will make absolutely sure you know the best way to navigate safely around the Manipulators and tame the Bullies. It's a kung-fu course in neutralizing “toxic people” before they do irreparable damage to your professional image, your performance, and your health.

It's filled with simple, satisfying, and oh-so-successful "detoxification" strategies that work without pulling out hair or sending co-workers into orbit (or risking that pesky jail time).

It's even win-win! That's right. Difficult People at Work helps you handle office troublemakers in ways that will actually have positive results – so you look even better as a manager, a leader and an outright office hero.

So arm yourself with the proven strategies in Difficult People at Work.

Do it today – before toxic co-workers do more damage to your health, productivity and career!


Pat DiDomenico

Pat DiDomenico
Editorial Director

Difficult People at Work

Don’t lose your health and sanity to toxic co-workers! Get your copy of Difficult People at Work today!

  • Yes! I want to tame the wolves and weasels in my workplace.

P.S. Remember, there's absolutely no risk. If you don't quickly get your co-workers in line so you can control your days (and go home sane), we'll refund your entire purchase price – no questions asked – and you'll have no further obligation.

P.P.S. You do not have to be at the mercy of vicious, lazy, sneaky and downright weird co-workers. Armed with the secrets of why they act the way they do, you'll have all the power you need to defuse their craziness – and achieve your goals. Get your copy of Difficult People at Work now!