59 Technology Tips

OK, I admit it: I wanted to “delete” Ms. Joan Perfect!

Joan and I were both admins. But suddenly, she was getting better assignments. And with everyone saying, “Great job again, Joan,” I suspected she was getting a bigger paycheck, too!

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59 Technology Tips

Yes! Rush me 59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional. I understand that I can review my copy risk-free. If I don’t find that I can work faster, be more polished and earn more praise, you’ll refund my entire purchase price. No questions asked, and I’ll have no further obligation. On that basis, here’s my order.

  • Yes! I’m ready to zoom ahead in my technology skills – and career.

Dear Administrative Professional,

Joan and I started at this company at the same time. I wouldn't call her a close friend, but we did eat lunch together sometimes and I knew her job was a lot like mine – lots of interruptions because too many bosses wanted too many things. I had thought we were moving at about the same pace career-wise, but a few months ago she started acting like she was eating steroids for breakfast every morning.

And then, smack in the middle of tough times, she got promoted. And I exploded.

“While I’m running myself ragged to get noticed, you get all the praise. But you never seem to work hard. You always take lunch, you never stay late – yet everybody thinks you’re Ms. Perfect.”  Embarrassed by my outburst, I sank down in the chair next to her desk and quietly asked …

“Joan, what’s your secret?”

“I don’t have one secret,” she said. “Nope. I have 59 of them.”

Seeing my puzzled expression, she smiled and tapped the cover of a slim book that was sitting on her desk. “Right in here are the 59 secrets I’ve been using to turn ordinary technology – like email and Microsoft® Office® – into my own personal success-boosters.  I know it’s hard to believe one book could make such a difference, but then …” she paused. “Well, I do start my new job on Monday ….”

I looked skeptically at the book.

“Joan, I want more respect, money and a promotion like yours. How is all that going to come from a book called 59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional?”

Again, she smiled.  “Remember those bio sheets I put together?”

“Come on, Joan,” I sighed. “Everyone remembers them. You turned blurbs sent by email into professional-looking inserts for that presentation in – what was it, Joan, TEN MINUTES? You even added photos. We all wondered how you PhotoShopped them so fast.”

“I didn’t PhotoShop them at all.  I just clicked on a little tool right there in Microsoft Word. Poof! All the photos had the same background!

“Plus,” she continued, “I clicked another Word feature and the email text pasted into my document in the perfect font and format. And, I used double-click secrets to instantly set tabs, change spacing, adjust margins, write macros and launch spellcheck. Poof! I don’t waste a second on menus.”

“Where’d you learn those secrets?” I asked, suspicious that the company had sent Joan to some expensive seminar.

Joan tapped her copy of 59 Technology Tips

“I learned secrets for Word, email, Excel and PowerPoint all right here. Plus, I discovered amazing online tools, too.”

59 Technology Tips

Speed your workday so that your career can fast-forward to a more rewarding stage. Get your copy of 59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional today!

  • Yes! I’m ready to zoom ahead in my technology skills – and career.

Then Joan did something that changed my career. She handed me her copy of 59 Technology Tips and said:

“See for yourself.”

So I took the book and flipped to the table of contents. I couldn’t believe what I saw – it was like a list of Joan’s biggest successes …

  • All the time-saving shortcuts that Joan used, such as turning an email into a meeting invite … with just one click.
  • Those awesome PowerPoint presentations — and how even her fanciest PPTs zip right through email.
  • The podcast she created when the CEO couldn’t join the sales team on an important call with clients — she just recorded the call and he played it later on his laptop.
  • The web conferencing tool she used to save the company thousands of dollars in travel expenses – and helped land the biggest account ever!

It was all there! The big ideas … the little timesavers … even those “Ms. Joanie Perfect” secrets. I kept scanning through the book.

“I didn’t know Excel could do that,” I said. Then, a moment later, “Whoa, Google can do that for me?”  I kept scanning. “AHA!” I finally cried out, “So that’s how come you’re the only person in the office who’s never made an email goof!”

Joan smiled. “Oh, you’re talking about Tip #13! Yes, indeed – that two-minute delay on my “Sent” emails has saved me many times!  Once, I accidentally sent a note about my boss to my boss. Fortunately, I had time to go in and delete it before it went anywhere.  Lucky for me!”

I was beginning to think luck had little to do with Joan’s success.

As I continued flipping through 59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional, I saw Joan’s famous “Request Form.”

The whole office thought Joan was a genius when she invented that form to save time – and trees – by requiring bosses to check off exactly how they wanted their documents done, from the line spacing to the number of copies and the type of copy paper.

But it turns out Joan hadn’t invented it at all.  She just lifted it right from 59 Technology Tips … along with her “famous” Event Planning Form, Travel Profile Form, Action Agendas, and so much more.

And I couldn’t wait to do the same!

59 Technology Tips

Speed your workday so that your career can fast-forward to a more rewarding stage. Get your copy of 59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional today!

  • Yes! I’m ready to zoom ahead in my technology skills – and career.

“Tell you what,” Joan said. “Why don’t you keep the book? I’ve learned all those tips — they’re just part of how I work. They’ve helped me earn my promotion, and now I want them to help you.”

I haven’t seen Joan in a while, but I still hear about her. Seems the same tips that made her an excellent administrative professional help her shine at whatever she chooses to do!

In the meantime, thanks to 59 Technology Tips, I’ve done some shining myself:

  • I zip through email clutter with color coding, subfolders, and a freebie from Microsoft that is way faster than the standard “Find” function.
  • I’ve supercharged my computer with ingenious shortcuts for faster surfing, keeping spyware at bay and making favorite websites easier to find.
  • I’ve impressed my boss (and saved her time) by not emailing links to web pages. Instead, I send actual screen shots – it’s faster than clicking through!
  • I’ve earned my way into executive meetings because I do the best presentations in the company — I’m SO far ahead of old bullet-point slides!
  • I’ve proven myself the most tech savvy (and most efficient) admin in the office with all the new apps I’ve put on my smartphone – such as CheckList, Flipboard, Pages and Dropbox.

I’m even getting a reputation for being the tech “expert” thanks to cool tools like virtual task masters plus completely ingenious timesavers like Basecamp, SurveyMonkey, scanning programs, spam blasters, and wikis!

Who knew one book could change EVERYTHING?

The day Joan gave me her book, she said, “Technology doesn’t just make you more efficient, it makes you more marketable. So when you do earn your own promotion, remember to tell other admins about 59 Technology Tips.”

Well, today’s the day — I’m being promoted!!!

So now, with this special offer to try 59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional, I want to pass this amazing book along to you.

And as I do, let me say the same thing to you that Joan said to me not long ago – the words that changed my career:

“See for yourself.”

59 Technology Tips

Speed your workday so that your career can fast-forward to a more rewarding stage. Get your copy of 59 Technology Tips for the Administrative Professional today!

  • Yes! I’m ready to zoom ahead in my technology skills – and career.

P.S. Remember, this is risk-free. If you aren’t immediately leaps-and-bounds faster with 59 Technology Tips, you’ll get your entire purchase price refunded. No questions asked, and you'll have no further obligation. It’s easy! (Note: This report covers Office 2010, 2013, and 2016 programs.)

P.P.S. When you’re promoted — and you will be! — share this book with another admin. But right now: Shhhhhh! Just go ahead and enjoy all the praise and rewards … and yes, enjoy being envied, too!

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