Bullet-Proof Your Employee Handbook

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Losing your job because you brought a lawsuit upon your company can be completely avoided. 

Your handbook must stand up in court and protect your company from a five-, six- or seven-figure jury award.

The undisputed ultimate guide to employee handbooks.

You may think everything is clearly stated in black and white, but a disgruntled employee finds a way to misinterpret the company’s position on a policy or procedure. That's when they find a lawyer and the real headache begins. Interrogatories. Depositions. Trial. And your time and money (and possibly career) just get sucked down the legal rabbit hole.

In your copy of Bullet-Proof Your Employee Handbook, you’ll find critical tips like these …

  • A step-by-step plan to update your handbook. You won’t miss a thing with this fool-proof approach.
  • Your handbook is revised and updated. Now what? Common-sense tasks for a positive roll-out of your handbook.
  • The cheapest way to update your employee handbook. Save tons of printing costs with these 3 cost-saving measures.
  • Insurance premium discounts you may be missing! Simply check your handbook for this … and start saving money.
  • Important news for government contractors! 4 EXTRA notices you are required to provide your employees … or face stiff fines and messy lawsuits.
  • A neat trick to spot conflicting policies. Do it quickly before a disgruntled employee finds it first!
  • And so much more!

What does “at-will” mean today? Not what you think

With courts whittling away your important employer rights, here’s what you need to know.

5 disclaimers every employee handbook should contain

Miss just one and you’re a target for disgruntled employees … and their lawyers.

7 “loopholes” courts are using to side with employees

Hurry and plug them fast!

Why a “dusty” employee handbook will expose you to more lawsuits.

Don’t let an employee’s lawyer get hold of one … or you’re done for. What you must do to survive.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can make positive changes to your own employee handbook once you’ve read Bullet-Proof Your Employee Handbook.