Increased workloads are here to stay. Here's how to cope.

Businesses are "asking" employees at all levels to take on new tasks to boost productivity – in other words, work harder.

If you want to get more done in less time … relieve stress … and avoid taking work home, get Time Management to the RescueThis time-saving Special Report is packed with 36 ways to better manage your workload.

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Dear Colleague:

With all the unemployment in this economy, you probably feel fortunate to have a job – but, oh, the workload!

Whether upper management makes a suggestion or a request, or issues an outright command, you find yourself performing new tasks and filling new roles. You’re expected to do more than ever before, even if it takes longer.

While you can’t create more hours in the day to do your new “stretch” job, you can learn how to use your time to maximum advantage. Simply consult Time Management to the Rescue.

This Special Report offers a wealth of knowledge you can put to use today on how to work reasonable hours, prioritize tasks, track productivity, organize your calendar and master technology.

In fact, it’s really two reports in one:

  • Part I: Work Smarter, Not Longer Hours offers tips on 18 topics, from overcoming inertia to learning how to say “no.”
  • Part II: Use Technology to Speed Tasks gives you productivity boosters in 18 more areas: keyboard shortcuts, apps for streamlining your day, ways to tune your inbox and much more.

That’s 36 topics in all. If you implement just a handful of the proven ideas in this Special Report – even one or two of them – you’ll feel an enormous burden lifted off your shoulders.

It's time for me to rethink the way I work and use my time to the best advantage.

Yes, help me gain control of my workday — and shrink it down to size. Send me Time Management to the Rescue with your no-risk, money-back guarantee.

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This compact yet powerful report has 36 action-packed pages. Packed not with fistfights and car chases, but with actions you can take immediately to get your day under control.

What makes Time Management to the Rescue such a lifesaver? Easy-to-read, actionable information you can apply today to better manage your workload.

It’s really an understatement to say there are 36 ways to manage your workload because each topic includes multiple techniques and ideas. For example, in Part I: Work Smarter, Not Longer Hours, you’ll find:

  • 6 ways to improve your time management.One of the best ways is to handle paper only once. If you pick up a piece of mail, deal with it right then and there. Act on it or toss it. Includes a bonus section: 11 ways to reduce the stress of your job.
  • Micromanaging: 5 signs you’re doing it, 4 solutions.One of the signs: You require frequent updates to stay “on top of” the situation. A solution: Learn to let go gradually – for example, start by giving more rein to top performers. This topic is so important we’ve included a quiz to determine: Are you a micromanager?
  • 4 ways to beat procrastination.Studies show this problem is on the rise. No wonder, when so many people are feeling overwhelmed. One solution: Set a deadline and share it with others.
  • Managing interruptions: a key time-saver.Simple stuff pays off big here. Among the 9 great ideas: Don’t allow your open-door policy to be abused, and put a curb on venting time. Plus: Don’t interrupt yourself! Turn off the “ping” that announces a new email.
  • Delegating: a “must” on your to-do list.Know what you can delegate and what you must handle yourself in 7 key areas. This is another vital topic that comes with a quiz.
  • Take 10-minute breaks to boost productivity.Surprised to be advised to take breaks? No one can go full-tilt all day long – or if you do, the quality of your work stuffers. Instead, learn 10 proven ways to pace yourself.
  • If you can’t get everything done, get the right things done.Easy ways to identify priorities and keep your focus on them.

These are only a few of the topics we’ve included. We’ve just scratched the surface of all the ways you’ll discover to work smarter instead of harder. Any one of these techniques can save you time, save you aggravation and help you preserve workplace sanity. No wonder we call it Time Management to the Rescue.

It's time for me to rethink the way I work and use my time to the best advantage.

I’m sick and tired of feeling overworked all the time. Let me give Time Management to the Rescue a try.

Boost my efficiency. Here's my order.

Even more help is on the way in Part II: Use Technology to Speed Tasks, with 18 more topics.

Do you sometimes feel as if technology is part of the problem, not the solution? Are you swamped by email, distracted by the Internet, frustrated by all those software features you can’t find time to learn?

Let Time Management to the Rescue help you tame the technological beast, so it’s a time-saver instead of a time-waster. Just a few examples:

  • Social media that actually save you time. Take advantage of news aggregators, digital archiving, more efficient searching and apps for easier navigation.
  • 4 online services that track productivity. How will you know you’ve become more efficient? With online services like Slife, Klok and ManicTime. Funny names, serious results.
  • 10 keyboard shortcuts. Macros, simple bar charts, easy switching between windows and more. Those “F” keys at the top of your keyboard stand for “fantastic!”
  • 5 simple ways to tune your inbox. Email out of control? Use these quick tips to make your inbox run smoothly.
  • Get organized like Bill Gates. You don’t have be a billionaire to boost your productivity like one. Adding a monitor, filtering email, collaborating online – discover how Bill does these and more.
  • Become a speed reader: 2 online programs. So much to read, so little time. Here are two options for improving your reading rate.
  • Do your job like a master geek. How can you use technology like the experts? Make the most of cloud computing, learn a secure way to store passwords and leave that mouse alone.
  • Customize Word to step up the pace. Use Word Option to make Microsoft Word perform the way you want it to. Add readability scoring, easily update linked data in Excel charts, create your own shortcuts and more.

We’ve highlighted fewer than half the areas where Time Management to the Rescue will help you work smarter with technology. Think about how much time you spend immersed in tech – and the hours you could save every week!

It's time for me to rethink the way I work and use my time to the best advantage.

Ordering Time Management to the Rescue is the best thing I can do with for my work/life balance today. Your no-risk guarantee makes it a no-brainer.

Ready, set, order.

Time Management to the Rescue respects your time in yet another way: the Special Report itself. We’ve streamlined hundreds of tips into a 40-page, easy-to-read report. Choose a PDF you can download right now or have a printed book shipped to you or get both.

However you choose to read Time Management to the Rescue, you’ll want to keep this Special Report handy. Whenever you have a few extra minutes – which will happen often thanks to what you learn – you can check out more tips that save you even more time, with topics like:

  • 5 ways to get your calendar under control
  • Before you panic, work this checklist
  • How top performers employ their time
  • 8 steps to a more productive meeting
  • Using Outlook as a project planner

I sincerely believe any employee in any position in any organization will benefit from these time management techniques. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at the Special Report itself.

There’s no risk whatsoever. If you’re dissatisfied in any way, we’ll cheerfully refund your money.

Order your copy of this special report now. Time’s a-wasting!


Phillip A. Ash

It's time for me to rethink the way I work and use my time to the best advantage.

  • Yes, let me try Time Management to the Rescue. I want to lose the stress and headaches of being overworked. With your money-back guarantee, I can’t lose a penny.
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If time is indeed money, just one or two of the dozens of time-saving tips in this Special Report will repay your investment many times over, starting today and for years to come.