HR Memos to Managers, Vols. 1 and 2

Convenient, customizable, concise! By popular demand: our two Memos to Managers volumes, available together at one low price!

Managers who mishandle HR issues can put their organizations in really hot water. Give your people the training they need with HR Memos to Managers AND HR Memos to Managers, Vol. 2: a total of 162 concise, customizable training handouts for your supervisors.

These easy-to-use handbooks will help keep your organization out of legal trouble and inspire your managers to implement HR best practices. And your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Dear Colleague:

You’ve heard about the enormous HR-based lawsuits employees can bring against companies.

At the very least, your newbie managers—and your veterans as well—can boost morale and productivity, or tank them both. It isn’t easy being a supervisor. Who knows better than you?

Fortunately, help is here—twice over! We’ve combined our two best-selling handbooks, HR Memos to Managers: 81 Concise, Customizable Training Handouts for Your Supervisors AND HR Memos to Managers, Vol. 2: 81 More Concise, Customizable Training Handouts for Your Supervisors. Both are packed with clear, succinct, easy-to-understand Memos for you to share with your managers however you choose. You’ll also enrich your own understanding of HR issues.

These handbooks are also in easy-to-use binders that let you pull out the hard copy of any Memo for duplication and distribution.

Plus, you also get online access to the Word versions of the Memos for instant download. So you can customize them with your company’s logo, your signature, however you want. (We also sell the Memos in download-only form if you prefer, though many of our customers enjoy using the binder.)

While convenience is important, content is king—and these 162 Memos from the expert editors at The HR Specialist are a rich resource indeed. Each training-kit-in-a-binder will help your supervisors:

  • Understand employment law and keep your organization out of trouble. HR Memos to Managers kicks off with basic training in employment law—including the “new” ADA—then details several lawsuit risks. Everything from how to handle a request for secrecy to the red flags of a sexually hostile environment.
  • Handle tricky situations like a pro. Performance reviews, discrimination claims, disciplinary actions, confrontations—are your managers ready for the deep end of the pool? Better teach them how to swim before they sink.
  • Boost their department’s performance and morale—and your company’s bottom line. HR Memos to Managers is not all about avoiding negatives. You’ll find Memos on motivation and management skills that will help improve morale and productivity. Memos on hiring and interviewing, too.

In fact, there’s plenty of wisdom in HR Memos to Managers that could help you be an even better manager—and accelerate your next promotion.

Yes, I want your instant, customizable training for my managers. (And I might consult some of these Memos myself.)

  • Send me HR Memos to Managers, Vols. 1 and 2. If I'm not delighted, you'll give me a full refund.
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You can’t expect managers—even experienced ones—to know all the nuances of employment law. That’s why HR Memos to Managers gives you a whopping 162 Memos in 9 vital areas of management skills and responsibilities.

The experts on our HR Specialist team—indeed, all of us here at Business Management Daily—strive to give you great value with every product.

The 9 major topics are:

  • HR Memos to Managers, Vols. 1 & 2Employment law (basic training)
  • Employee lawsuit risks
  • Hiring and interviewing
  • Performance reviews
  • Communication
  • Coaching and motivating
  • Management skills
  • Managing difficult situations
  • Terminations

And while there are 162 Memos, you’ll find literally hundreds of helpful tips in HR Memos for Managers, Vols. 1 and 2.

For example, one Memo includes specific phrases never to use during performance reviews, such as:

“Your position here is solid as long as you keep up the good work.” Such a statement may encourage good performance, but it’s legally dangerous because it implies an employment contract that a court could find binding—and limits the organization’s ability to terminate the person if his or her performance declines.

Occasionally we throw in a sidebar to make the content—dare we say?—fun. After all, you want people to read the Memo! Here’s an example …

Weird interview questions supervisors actually asked
“If you were to get rid of one state in the U.S., which would it be and why?”
“What song best describes your work ethic?”
“What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?”
“How do you make a tuna sandwich?”
“Pick two celebrities to be your parents.”

Here are just a few of the essential Memos in these guides:

  • FMLA, ADA, FLSA and more: The 10 employment laws every manager should know
  • Dirty Dozen: 12 manager mistakes that spark lawsuits
  • 25 off-limits interview questions
  • How to write effective, legal job descriptions
  • 5 warning signs of performance-review problems
  • The best managers are the best listeners: 4 steps
  • How to identify (and reverse) employee disengagement
  • The 5 worst interview questions and what to ask instead
  • Manager mistakes: 3 key lessons from the courtroom
  • 8 rules for recognizing and rewarding employees

Yes, I want your instant, customizable training for my managers. (And I might consult some of these Memos myself.)

  • Send me HR Memos to Managers, Vols. 1 and 2. If I'm not delighted, you'll give me a full refund.
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How will you use HR Memos to Managers? However you want! And you’ll do it knowing you have my unconditional, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

With Memos available as both hard copies in the convenient binders and as Word docs for you to download and edit, HR Memos to Managers makes it easy for you to implement this training. You can:

  • HR Memos to Managers, Vols. 1 & 2Send a Memo each week via email as a “Manager’s Minute” update
  • Sprinkle the Memos into your management newsletter
  • Give all the Memos at once to employees who are promoted to manager for the first time
  • Combine Memos as part of a formal training session (hint: the 9 sections could become 9 sessions)
  • Give current managers the table of contents and encourage them to access the Memos as situations arise

There’s another reason to use HR Memos to Managers: Simply doing so can help with your legal defense against an employment lawsuit. The very fact that you’ve made a good-faith effort to train your managers can augment your defense against harassment, discrimination, retaliation and other lawsuits.

I urge you to order HR Memos to Managers right now. Do it to give managers and other employees confidence that they are using HR best practices. And do it before a supervisor accidentally embroils your organization in a lawsuit … or mismanages a key employee who leaves you … or—you get the picture.


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Phillip A. Ash

Yes, I want your instant, customizable training for my managers. (And I might consult some of these Memos myself.)

  • Send me HR Memos to Managers, Vols. 1 and 2. If I'm not delighted, you'll give me a full refund.
Send my customizable Memos now.

P.S. HR Memos to Managers, Vols. 1 and 2 could help you avoid the pain of an employment lawsuit, and that may be the main reason you order.

But remember, these Memos also help your managers improve morale, boost productivity and make better hires. So it’s not just about avoiding the downside. There’s a huge upside as well. You’ll be ensuring your managers know all there is to know about HR. You’ll save yourself and your company tons of time and hassle. Plus, your employees will be happy to know that they’re in good hands.

And the cost? Less than a few hours hour of a consultant’s time on just one of the dozens of issues covered. Or one hour of a lawyer’s time. All the more reason to order our 162 customizable Memos now. You’ll save 20% off the combined cover price!