Book of Company Policies

Does your employee handbook contain policies that put you at risk?

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Yes! I want to get in compliance and in control.

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The Book of Company PoliciesWith clear and consistent policies, you can steer clear of the most legally explosive issues in your workplace. The Book of Company Policies puts all this policy know-how together in one source. You’ll find model policies – carefully worded, legally sound and already tested in companies across the United States. Simply apply them to your own company’s needs – subject to legal review – to communicate your organization’s rules, standards and benefits.

Not sure all your policy concerns will be addressed? Scan The Book of Company Policies’ detailed table of contents below, and we guarantee you’ll see everything you need to build a rock-solid set of policies tailored to your organization.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Policies: Your Protection and Guide

Part I: Employee Manuals
1. Policies Covered in Employee Manuals

Part II: Workday Rules and Procedures
2. Hours of Work and Breaks

3. Personal Use of Company Property

4. Computer Use

5. Dress Code

6. Smoking

7. ‘English-Only’ Policies

Part III: Time-Off Policies
8. Paid and Unpaid Leave

9. FMLA Leave

10. Workers’ Compensation

Part IV: Employment Policies
11. Hiring

12. Employment Contracts

13. Personnel Records

14. Performance Reviews

15. Terminations

16. Independent Contractors

Part V: Employee Conduct
17. A Code of Ethics

18. Conflicts of Interest

19. Confidentiality and Nondisclosure

20. Noncompete Agreements

21. Moonlighting The Book of Company Policies

22. Dispute Resolution

Part VI: Workplace Issues
23. Employee Privacy

24. Sexual Harassment

25. Substance Abuse/Drug Testing

26. Politicking and Solicitations

27. Violence and Weapons

Part VII: Work/Life Balance
28. Work/Life Policies

29. Flexible Scheduling

30. Telecommuting

31. Job Sharing

32. Domestic-Partner Benefits

33. Volunteerism Leave

Once you get your clearly written policies in place, your exposure to crippling employee lawsuits drops down-down-down. Get your copy of The Book of Company Policies today!


Pat DiDomenico

Pat DiDomenico
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Yes! I want to get in compliance and in control.

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