Gossip, Rumors & Workplace Busybodies: How to Promote Positive Co-worker Communication


When toxic talk infects an entire department, managers may be tempted to throw up their hands and just give in. They often feel powerless to counteract the damage caused by disparaging comments and persistent negativity, believing that "you can't change human nature."

But tolerating these harmful behaviors is definitely NOT the best solution.

To help you take back control, Business Management Daily is teaming up with workplace guru and syndicated columnist Marie McIntyre on a webinar that will help you successfully defuse the negative impact of gossip, rumors, and workplace busybodies.

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With this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • The specific signs that your office has a problem with negative chatter
  • How managers may inadvertently encourage negative behaviors
  • The best way to deal with tattletales, drama queens, whiners, and bullies
  • How you can make gossip and the grapevine work in your favor
  • 6 rules for dealing with the problem of negative talkers
  • When the rumor mill will always heat up and what to do about it
  • The 7 topics that everyone should avoid at the office
  • The importance of management communication during high-change periods
  • How to stop discussing "attitude" and start focusing on behavior
  • The power of high expectations, sincere praise, and clear consequences
  • A simple roadmap for conducting an effective two-way coaching discussion
  • Techniques to use when employees blame others or deny responsibility
  • What to do when coaching doesn't work
  • Conducting a "team turnaround" to involve your group in solving the problem

Imagine your office without tattletales, drama queens, whiners, and bullies. Find out how to make that become a reality. Get your copy of Gossip, Rumors & Workplace Busybodies now!



Pat DiDomenico, Editorial Director
Office Manager Today

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About Your Speaker:

Marie McIntyreMarie G. McIntyre, Ph.D., writes the weekly workplace advice column, Your Office Coach, which appears in newspapers nationwide. Her practical, down-to-earth advice is based on years of experience as a manager, HR director and consultant. Marie is frequently quoted in national publications, including Fortune, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and CNBC Online, and her latest book, Secrets to Winning at Office Politics, has been described as "a survival manual for the corporate jungle." As a consultant, Marie has worked with a wide variety of business and government organizations, including Cisco, The Home Depot, Walgreens, AT&T and Panasonic. She also provides individual advice and career coaching through her website, YourOfficeCoach.com.

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