Coaching Skills for Managers & Supervisors

"63% of organizations use some form of internal coaching, and half of the rest plan to. Yet coaching is a small part of the job description for most managers. Nearly half spend less than 10% of their time coaching others." – Conference Board survey

Coaching Skills

Every job is actually performed by two people – the employee who is paid to accomplish results and the manager who is paid to ensure that this happens.

So when staff members become unproductive, unmotivated, or disruptive, a manager's first thought should be, "How do I get things back on track?" The answer to that question almost always involves coaching.

Coaching Skills for Managers & Supervisors will help you learn when coaching is needed and why managers sometimes avoid these conversations. You will also be given specific strategies for conducting a successful coaching discussion, dealing with difficult employees, and following up to ensure success. Finally, we will consider what to do when coaching doesn't work.

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The program includes the following topics:

  • The 5 most common coaching roadblocks
  • Quick Quiz: Your personal barriers to coaching
  • Understanding and using the performance distribution curve
  • Why "wimpy managers" aren't really managers at all
  • 7 specific causes of employee performance issues
  • 5 coaching challenges: Newbies, Androids, Power Grabbers, Clingers, & Divas
  • "Management presence": the key ingredient for coaching success
  • The difference between developmental coaching & remedial coaching
  • How managers sometimes contribute to performance problems
  • Improving employee performance by shifting your leadership style
  • The 10-step formula for an effective coaching discussion
  • How to engage an employee in the coaching process
  • Managing employee diversions: keeping the coaching discussion on track
  • Following up: the secret to coaching success
  • When to employ corrective action instead of coaching
  • When coaching doesn't work: Slackers, Square Pegs, & Poisonous People

In every management job, coaching challenges occur on a regular basis. New employees confront learning curves, seasoned staff members tackle unfamiliar tasks, and difficult employees create workplace problems. But since no one is born knowing how to be a coach, managers must learn the specific skills and techniques required to handle these situations effectively.

Find out all the secrets to effectively coaching others to improved performance with Coaching Skills for Managers & Supervisors. Get your copy now!



Pat DiDomenico, Editorial Director
Business Management Daily

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