Checklists & forms to help employers conduct effective employee performance appraisals

For many employers, conducting performance reviews is the most daunting part of their job. But, you don't need to look at this responsibility with dread! You can learn to transform your appraisals into effective and meaningful performance reviews.

Fortunately, we’ve created a packet of checklists and forms to help you make the most out of your employee reviews. Performance Review Documents will give you the tools you need to focus on every aspect of the performance review, from preparing and conducting the appraisal to following up after it’s completed. With these FREE documents, you’ll improve the consistency and reduce the subjectivity of your performance reviews to help you build and maintain a successful organization.

Performance Review Documents includes the following checklists and forms:

Preparing for Performance Reviews:

  • Recording Employee Performance Checklist
  • Anticipating the Review Checklist

Conducting Performance Reviews

  • Model Performance Appraisal Form
  • Discussing Performance Problems Checklist

Following-Up After Performance Reviews

  • Problem Analysis and Corrective Action Plan
  • Performance Appraisal Follow-Up Form

Bonus: Performance Appraisal Checklist

Performance reviews are meant to develop employees to the best of their potential and address problem behaviors in a way that is constructive and professional. Customize these documents to fit the needs of your own organization to help you take the hassle out of conducting appraisals and ensure the entire process runs smoothly.