Tip Card: Microsoft Office Keyboard Shortcuts


If you’ve ever used keyboard shortcuts, you know how helpful they can be when it comes to knocking out work faster.

Although it may look like learning them is more of a hassle than it’s worth, once you start incorporating keyboard shortcuts into your workday, you’ll find that you’re able to complete items on your to-do list much more quickly than you were before using them.

Fortunately, Business Management Daily is offering a FREE Tip Card to help you become more productive and efficient in the office. This resource includes shortcuts for Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.

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Tip Card: Microsoft Office Keyboard Shortcuts

With Tip Card: Microsoft Office Keyboard Shortcuts, you’ll learn shortcuts for:

  • Creating a simple bar chart within a set of data in Excel
  • Finding an email address when you only know part of it in Outlook
  • Easily shifting between two overlapping objects on slides in PowerPoint
  • Quickly turning Track Changes on and off in Word
  • And much more!

Print out the tip card and keep it at your desk for easy reference throughout the day.