• Thursday, Oct. 12
  • 1:00 ET
  • 10:00 PT

Step Up and Stop Under-Managing

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Leading through accountability to drive yourself and your team to greatness

In this 75-minute interactive online training, you will learn how to:

  • Spot the signs that you are under-managing, make the appropriate changes, and improve employee productivity and engagement.
  • Navigate conflict and feedback to drive behavior and performance
  • Implement tools to help you and your team better prioritize, align, and collaborate

Driving self and team accountability to enhance effectiveness, happiness, and productivity

You may think it’s easier to under-manage your employees and ignore issues that need your attention than to step up and remedy the situation. But utilizing this management practice, or lack thereof, causes more harm than good.

Learn how to spot your management red flags, then ramp up your skills in the key areas of prioritization, collaboration, and alignment while also self-assessing where you may need to step up as a leader. After this session, you’ll be equipped to map a plan to improve your mindset as a leader while also gaining easy-to-use tools to implement immediately.

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Agenda for Step Up and Stop Under Managing

  • Spot the signs that you are under-managing employees and how this impacts the team
  • Assess where you may have conflict avoidance and how you can address it to calmly resolve issues
  • Address goal setting to ensure team members are aligned and collaborating
  • Learn ways to navigate competing priorities so you and your team are focused on the right things
  • How to flawlessly discuss employee goals and aspirations and then delegate accordingly
  • How your engagement and satisfaction impacts those around you and those you lead. Plus, discover ways to recharge

Interactive Q&A time included

How can you improve your under-managed team? Bring your specific leadership questions and Catherine will offer help during the Q&A time.

Catherine M. Rymsha, EdD, knows what makes a leader, a leader. Based on her years of training, research and consulting, she's determined how a person becomes one: they make the decision to lead. She details this further in her recent book, The Leadership Decision. Catherine is a lecturer at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, where she teaches courses on leadership. Catherine spent over ten years in marketing/communications leadership roles and now leads learning and development for a software company. Between her academic and professional experience, she has taught thousands of courses on leadership, feedback and career to global leaders across an array of industries.

Her TEDx Talk, "Want to Become a Better Leader? Here's How. Just Listen," focuses on the importance of listening to leadership. She holds a master of science in leadership and a doctorate of education with a focus on organizational leadership from Northeastern University in Boston and received her bachelor of arts in English/ communications from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Catherine M. Rymsha, EdD
Catherine M. Rymsha, EdD leadership expert and educator
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