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You’ve made the right decision — I was talking with a friend of mine recently – a prominent employment lawyer. During our conversation, I asked him what an hour with a top HR attorney might cost. He gave me the usual your-mileage-may-vary disclaimer, and then named a figure.

“You’d be hard-pressed to find one for under $400.00 an hour,” he said. He then added that, in his city, they generally cost $500.00 an hour or more. Five hundred dollars!

Yet even that may be a bargain. The average jury verdict in an employment lawsuit is close to ONE MILLION DOLLARS – and employers lose about 65% of the time a case goes to trial. Add in the cost of settlements … lost productivity … shattered morale … and it’s clear that legal fees only scratch the surface of the true cost of a lawsuit.

When it comes to lawsuits, even when you win, you lose. And there seems to be an endless stream of savvy attorneys (for current AND former employees) waiting to pounce on the slightest error of commission or omission – on a dizzying array of federal, state and local rules.

That’s why we say the best lawsuit is the one that never gets filed. And that’s also why we’ve developed a service to help you stay out of court. Introducing The HR Law Weekly.

The HR Legal News You Need – from a Source You Trust

The HR Law Weekly is designed specifically for YOU: the busy HR pro who needs to keep your organization in compliance with ALL employment laws – but doesn’t have $500.00 lying around for a legal consultation every time you have a question.

The HR Law Weekly is really TWO valuable services in one – and at one low price. You’ll also get four free bonus gifts (more on that later).

The HR Law Weekly comes to you from the publishers of The HR Specialist, Manager’s Legal Bulletin, HR Specialist: Employment Law, Payroll Legal Alert and state HR legal newsletters. We also produce webinars … conferences … CDs … books … special reports … e-letters … and online HR resources. And we’ve been doing it since 1937.

Our 80-year track record proves we’ve helped our readers in the past. But you’re more interested in the future – and that’s where The HR Law Weekly can help you.

Here’s how your service works:

1. The HR Law Weekly

Every Wednesday, you’ll receive The HR Law Weekly: a 4-page briefing on the latest developments in employment law today. You’ll instantly be brought up-to-speed on the case law, legislation and regulatory changes that could spell big trouble for you – IF you’re unaware of them.

Click on the sample issue of The HR Law Weekly. You’ll find:

  • A review of the top 5 employment law risks for this year – some you may be aware of, and others that could blindside you!
  • The HR Law WeeklyEmployee handbook mistakes that could turn this helpful document into a ticking time bomb for a cunning attorney to detonate
  • The HR Law Quiz: Six questions (with answers!) about potential employment law problems you may be facing tomorrow – or today
  • Tales from the Front Lines: Does a firefighter who’s afraid of fire have a legally protected disability? (The answer may shock you!) Read about this real-life case
  • Lawsuit-proof your hiring process: 3 simple steps to make sure any applicant’s lawsuit is laughed out of court

Not knowing about ANY of the above items could spell trouble for your company – and you. But The HR Law Weekly covers them all (and more) – 52 times a year! You’ll also benefit from helpful links to free white papers, checklists, and online resources – yours exclusively as an HR Law Weekly subscriber.

2. Employment Law

Then, every Monday, we’ll send you our Employment Law e-letter. Each weekly issue laser-focuses on one key HR legal topic. Employment Law is the perfect complement to your weekly newsletter.

Here are a few recent stories from Employment Law:

Job Descriptions: Top 3 Legal Reasons Why You Need Them. It’s easier to keep things informal – until it isn’t. Official job descriptions protect you and your managers from liability

Employee Verification: Your Line-By-Line Guide to I-9 Changes. Immigration law carries massive penalties, including JAIL TIME, for non-compliance. And future federal legislation may make things even more complex. Are you following ALL the rules?

Your Dollars at Risk: 6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Liability. A half-dozen simple steps you can take to avoid legal hot water – and make HR look good to the C-suite.

Manager Mistakes: Crucial Lessons from the Courtroom. Managers usually get promoted to supervisory posts based on their job skills, not their people skills. Here’s how these companies ended up in court.

You’re Being Audited! The IRS Answers 5 Key Questions. Nothing sends chills down a boss’s spine like the words “IRS audit.” We provide the IRS’s advice on how to survive – or AVOID – one.

By The Numbers: Which Employment Laws Apply to You? Think you’re too small to be subject to federal employment regulations? Think again.

By combining an overview of the week’s top HR legal stories with an in-depth look at one specific aspect of employment law, the one-two punch of The HR Law Weekly and Employment Law gives you over 100 updates per year. And, as a subscriber, you can access past issues of the newsletter at no extra cost!

4 FREE Gifts … a $100.00 Discount … and a Money-Back Guarantee

By themselves, The HR Law Weekly and Employment Law are an amazing resource at an amazing value. But to be sure you benefit from this unique service, we’ve gone beyond amazing for you.

Start your Charter Subscription to The HR Law Weekly, and here’s what you’ll get:

The HR Law Weekly. Once every week, we’ll mail or email you a concise 4-page briefing on the legal news that impacts your work – and your workplace.

Employment Law. Available ONLY electronically, this incisive e-letter drills down on one specific employment law issue each Monday.

$100.00 Discount. You’ll get a full year of The HR Law Weekly at our Special Introductory Discount Rate – saving you $100.00 off the price others must pay.

FREE Bonus Gift #1. We’ll send you The Complete Compliance Guide to Federal & State Employment Law. From age discrimination and sexual harassment to FMLA and workers’ comp – and everything in between – this comprehensive CD will keep you in compliance – and out of trouble. It’s a $147.00 value, yours absolutely FREE when you agree to review The HR Law Weekly.

FREE Bonus Gifts #2 and #3. Hire at Will and Fire at Will (our all-time bestsellers) will help you hire the people you want, and get rid of the ones you don’t – while complying with ALL federal employment laws. These two books are a combined $69.95 value, but their true value is almost beyond calculation. And they’re both yours at no cost or obligation whatsoever.

FREE Bonus Gift #4. Bullet-Proof Your Employee Handbook points out the legal blunders most handbooks make – and how you can avoid them. A $65.95 value, this PDF download is also yours FREE.

And your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. Even the best employment lawyers don’t guarantee their results. But we do. If you decide – at any time, for ANY reason – that The HR Law Weekly isn’t all we’ve promised AND MORE, let us know. We’ll refund 100% of your subscription price – no hassles, no questions asked. Your issues and all four FREE bonus gifts are yours to keep. It’s that simple.

Is The HR Law Weekly Right for You?

The HR Law Weekly is not a substitute for an attorney. If you get sued, you need a lawyer. But the advice and case studies found in The HR Law Weekly and Employment Law might just help you AVOID having to hire a lawyer – and if that’s the case, this service pays for itself hundreds of times over.

If you’ve read this far, chances are you’re starting to see the value of The HR Law Weekly. But if you’re still on the fence, try this little exercise: Think about what an employee lawsuit would cost you. Figure in your time … your staff’s time … and how many billable attorney hours you’d need.

Write down the dollar figure. If that number is greater than the cost of 17 minutes of a lawyer’s time – and I guarantee it is – then The HR Law Weekly can help you in your work. And remember: there’s zero risk for you. Can you say that about your employment law problems?

My lawyer friend would be glad to welcome you as a client. But when you can get 8,760 hours of legal updates for less than the price of half an hour with a top attorney, isn’t it a much better deal for you (and me!) if I welcome you as a new subscriber to The HR Law Weekly? Just click the “Yes” button below, and your credit card will be charged $349 for an annual membership to The HR Law Weekly. I look forward to welcoming you as a new subscriber.


Phillip Ash

Phillip A. Ash

P.S. Remember – if The HR Law Weekly fails to meet your needs, let us know. We’ll immediately refund 100% of your subscription price – but you keep your back issues and all four free bonus gifts. You have my word on it.

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