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Don't invite an audit or get stick with a crushing settlement. Know the law!

The FLSA Compliance Guide has saved many confused and frustrated workers from expensive, unnecessary lawsuits. It can do the same for you. What you don’t know about Fair Labor Standards Act regulations could land you in the middle of a costly, time-consuming lawsuit or audit. This resource can help you stay on top of those regulations and protect your business.

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Be confident about what you can and can't do under the FLSA

Businesses need all the protecting they can get from audits, lawsuits, fines, and other costly problems. It's not enough to be well-intentioned, honest mistakes can still land you in big trouble in court and with the federal government.

The FLSA Compliance Guide gives you the know-how you need comfortably navigate issues like:

  • Who is and isn’t eligible for overtime pay under overtime rules
  • When pay can be docked
  • How to compensate employees who work from home
  • The difference between minimum wage and “living wage”
  • When a break does or doesn’t have to be compensated
  • How to compensate vacation days and sick leave
  • Your requirements and rights with regard to overtime
  • How an incorrectly completed timesheet can cause you harm, even if you didn’t know about it

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