COVID Compliance 2022

COVID isn’t going away anytime soon, and workplace regulations are evolving as quickly as the variants. Between confusion over the federal vaccination mandate and navigating (often conflicting) state requirements, employers are facing a host of risky legal decisions on every aspect of COVID compliance. The legal and logistical difficulties facing your organization are at an all-time high.

This special 3-hour COVID Compliance Workshop will untangle the most important COVID issues expected in the first months of 2022 and help map your response. You’ll walk away with:

  • A clear plan for how to deal with vaccination requirements

    Navigating state and federal rules, creating policies, allowing a testing option, and retaining records for all

  • An understanding of your accommodation & pay requirements

    Applying FMLA rules to COVID and testing, accommodating when necessary, minimizing anti-retaliation claims, and adhering to privacy requirements

  • Answers to your specific questions answered in real-time during the event

    Expert attorneys will take your questions throughout the workshop

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Agenda for COVID Compliance 2022

Your attorney trainers will tackle the most thorny aspects of COVID compliance:

Workplace Safety

Get a clear plan for how to deal with vaccination requirements, tests, policies, and recordkeeping.

Topics include:

  • Vaccines and mandates. The best (and most legally smart) rules for right now.
  • Your policies. What to have in writing, and what to leave out.
  • Testing. If you allow a testing option, know the logistical and legally safe steps.
  • Positive tests and sickness. How to respond to both, in the short and long term.
  • Masks. The CDC, state, and local rules are confusing—discover the right policy for today.
  • Recordkeeping. How to collect and retain data to avoid ADA and OSHA trouble.

Understand what accommodations are required, including FMLA coverage and privacy requirements.

Topics include:

  • Accommodations and exceptions. Know what you must allow, and where you can draw the line.
  • Leaves of absence. What’s required for sick leave, positive tests, vaccines, and side effects.
  • FMLA. Learn where FMLA leave fits into all this.
  • Remote work. When telework is required, and when you can call them back in.
  • Anti-retaliation. A hidden trouble spot that’s tripping up lots of companies.
  • Privacy. Know when you can ask about vax status, infections, and how to store documents.
Wage & Pay

Discover when paid leave is required by state law and new federal proposals, as well as who is responsible for testing costs and reimbursements.

Topics include:

  • Paid leave. Know what’s required and what is optional, based on state law and new federal proposals.
  • Vax and testing time. What federal and state laws say—and who pays for testing.
  • State and local requirements. How to handle reimbursements, leave, and more.
  • Off-the-clock work. The remote explosion has triggered a rise in off-the-clock lawsuits.
  • Other tricky COVID-related landmines. From unemployment to payroll and more.
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Get answers to questions all employers are asking:

  • What’s the timeframe for mandate compliance?
  • What if the federal mandate is never actually implemented?
  • What if we only have 100 employees at certain times of the year?
  • How do we count to 100 employees? Do seasonal, part-time, temporary, or volunteer workers count?
  • Are there any requirements for what type of COVID tests employees should take?
  • Who is responsible to pay for COVID tests?
  • What is considered "satisfactory evidence" of vaccination records?
  • How do staffing agencies come into play?
  • Are employers potentially liable for wrongful termination or discrimination if the mandate gets overturned in court?
  • What is a reasonable time to recover?
  • How to handle disparaging comments against unvaccinated employees?
  • Do we need to provide paid leave for employees who are ordered to be temporarily quarantined until they receive a negative COVID-19 test?

Workshop Hosts:


Speakers Helen Holden and Randi Winter are partners at the Spencer Fane law firm. They are known for their dynamic, plain-English training on HR issues and COVID compliance. Both represent employers in court as well as before federal and state agencies.

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Professional Certification Credit Hours Included:

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Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed:

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