Fillable W-4 forms and withholding changes guidelines — FREE!

The W-4 use to be a simple half page. Now it looks like a tax return … and employees have to do the math!

W-4 Forms & Withholding Changes
Free Resource

  • Digital & printable W-4 forms
  • Form W-4P, S, & V
  • 2020 withholding changes
  • Avoid withholding surprises
FLSA Compliance Guide
Pro Resource

FLSA Compliance Guide

  • Overtime eligibility rules
  • Vacation & sick leave
  • Docking pay
  • Breaks & compensation
W-4 Compliance Workshop
Pro Resource

W-4 Compliance

  • The new W-4 process
  • IRS' withholding estimator
  • Understanding W-4 worksheets
  • Supplemental pay
  • Rules and regulations from the IRS have been changing rapidly, and it's hard for businesses to keep up. It has never been a more critical time, for big and small businesses alike, to cross your Ts and dot your Is when handling tax forms.
    Name Anniken Davenport employment lawyer and author

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