Free! Performance review checklists & forms to help employers conduct effective employee performance appraisals

Write and conduct positive, valuable assessments

  • Recording Employee Performance Checklist
  • Anticipating the Review Checklist
  • Model Performance Appraisal Form
  • Discussing Performance Problems Checklist
  • Problem Analysis and Corrective Action Plan
  • Performance Appraisal Follow-Up Form
  • Bonus: Performance Appraisal Checklist
  • If you don’t conduct performance reviews or only do them sporadically, you are missing out on a powerful tool. Your employees won’t know what’s expected of them or have a roadmap for improvement. Event worse, if you fire them and are sued, you won’t be able to argue they weren’t working up to expectations. Their lack of a poor review or any feedback at all will be proof they were doing their jobs satisfactorily.
    Name Anniken Davenport employment lawyer and author

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