• Tuesday, June 1
  • 1:00 ET
  • 10:00 PT
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Succession Planning for Small Businesses

In attending this session, you will:

  • Discover what succession planning is, and isn’t…

    and its importance to you and your business and planning for the future

  • Learn how to start having succession conversations...

    within your leadership and HR team regularly and successfully

  • Understand how to discuss succession...

    and leadership development with those deemed as potential successors

It’s time to take a fresh look at you and your organization’s future

The pandemic has left many leaders and small business owners considering early retirement or wondering what would happen if they got sick. And for the first time in history, employees from five different generations are part of the American workforce. If a changing of guard hasn’t happened in your workplace, you should expect it soon.


Whether you’re the CEO or the HR go-to, now is an ideal time to create a simple yet effective succession plan to ensure you and your organization are prepared for the future. In this new virtual workshop, leadership expert and educator Catherine Rymsha will guide you through the strategies to building a roadmap for the future of your business in how to prepare your future leaders today.

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Agenda for Succession Planning for Small Businesses

  • Having the conversation. Get the who, what, and when of starting the discussion and having it regularly.
  • Choosing a successor. How to make a choice, and when to loop them into the plan to discuss their development and map out the future.
  • Keeping it in the family. The pros and cons of continuing the business within your family and how to start these conversations.
  • Should you sell? We’ll take a look at acquisitions and other creative options to consider if you’re unable to find an appropriate successor.
  • Leaving your legacy. Why it’s important to keep your leadership brand and company vision part of the plan.

Interactive Q&A time included

Get answers to all your leadership questions from Catherine M. Rymsha, EdD

Catherine M. Rymsha, EdD, knows what makes a leader, a leader. Based on her years of training, research, and consulting, she's determined how a person becomes one: they make the decision to lead. She details this further in her recent book, The Leadership Decision. Catherine is a lecturer at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, where she teaches courses on leadership. Catherine spent over ten years in marketing/communications leadership roles and now leads learning and development for a software company. Between her academic and professional experience, she has taught thousands of courses on leadership, feedback, and career to global leaders across an array of industries.

Her TEDx Talk, "Want to Become a Better Leader? Here's How. Just Listen," focuses on the importance of listening to leadership. She holds a master of science in leadership and a doctorate of education with a focus on organizational leadership from Northeastern University in Boston and received her bachelor of arts in English/ communications from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Catherine M. Rymsha, EdD
Catherine M. Rymsha, EdD leadership expert and educator
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