Fire an Employee the Legal Way: 7 Termination Guidelines — FREE CHECKLIST!

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Fire away, but do it the right way. Follow these 7 critical guidelines for firing an employee legally. 

  1. Your employer rights
  2. Laying the groundwork for firing
  3. How to use progressive discipline
  4. Beware of constructive discharge
  5. Issues surrounding layoffs
  6. Choosing your words at the termination meeting
  7. Conducting exit interviews

Use this special report, How to Fire an Employee the Legal Way, as your guide on proper procedures to exercise. Also included: a 5-step model policy, termination meeting checklist, general separation notice (sample form), wrongful termination self-audit, and exit interview form.

  • Firing an employee is never pleasant for anyone involved. But there’s a right way and a wrong way. You don’t want to spur a wrongful termination lawsuit – or worse. So whether you’re firing an employee without warning or drafting a termination letter after progressive discipline hasn’t helped, you must get evert step right.
    Name Anniken Davenport employment lawyer and author

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