From a request for leave to the eventual return to work, master each step of the FMLA process with this virtual training program.

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Led by employment lawyer and former Penn State University professor Anniken Davenport, the FMLA Master Class Series is an ideal compliance training for anyone who handles FMLA as part of their job. Over the course of these four classes, you'll learn everything from certification basics to how to handle the trickiest of requests.

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This program includes 5 hours of HRCI/SHRM credits. All course materials including guidebooks and presentation slides will be yours to keep.

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You'll start at the very beginning with an overview of the law, common types of leave and how to determine eligibility and set your calendar year. Plus the ins and outs of certification.

Topics include:

  • Sick, pregnancy, child bonding and military leave
  • Who is eligible and who is not
  • Calculating eligibility
  • Required notices
  • Unusual situations

One of the trickiest aspects of FMLA, intermittent leave gets its own session so you can focus on how it works, when it applies, how to manage it, and what to do when it isn’t working. 

Covered in this session:

  • Common reasons for intermittent leave
  • Staying on top of intermittent certification
  • When intermittent leave isn’t a right and when it is
  • COVID “long haulers” and intermittent leave

As the pandemic proved, the FMLA has a lot of loopholes that can be abused, and a lot of restrictions that can shut employees out from taking the time they need. In this session, Anniken will cover the all-to-real complexities of managing leave, and what lies ahead for the law.

Topics will include:

  • Supporting employees who need additional leave
  • The intersection of ADA reasonable accommodations and FMLA leave
  • What to do when you suspect FMLA leave abuse and how to spot it

Bringing an employee back isn’t just a “welcome back” message. In this final course, you’ll get the details needed to create a successful return-to-work program. Plus, you’ll learn how to address the challenges that come, including discharge, “equivalent” jobs and ADA impacts. 

We will cover:

  • Discovering poor performance or wrongdoing during FMLA absence
  • How the ADA impacts return
  • When you can fire a worker out on FMLA

Anniken Davenport is a noted employment law attorney and the editor of HR Specialist: Employment Law. She has authored several books, including Bullet-Proof Your Employee Handbook and Overtime & Other Tricky Pay Issues, published by HR Specialist. She is the co-author of the upcoming Labor & Employment Law for the 21st Century by Prentice Hall. Anniken has served as a professor at Penn State University, where she taught business law and HR management, and she directed the Legal Studies Program at Wilson College. Her legal career includes representing government units in discrimination and other employment law cases and representing school districts in labor negotiations.

Anniken Davenport
Anniken Davenport Attorney and author

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