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Team Turnaround:
How to Restore Civility to your Workplace

Spend 75 minutes with workplace guru Marie McIntyre and learn how to:

  • Root out the reasons.

    From politics to personalities, incivility often has a variety of sources. Learn how to let your team work together to identify the problem.

  • Restore respect.

    Identify workplace behaviors that should not be tolerated.  Then develop strategies for reconnecting co-workers and resetting expectations.

  • Maintain professionalism and cooperation.

    A positive workplace takes … work. Learn the steps necessary to build a culture of respect.

Common courtesy isn’t gone, it just needs to be restored.

If the impolite language and downright rudeness once reserved for social media have found their way to your workplace, you must prioritize breaking this cycle of incivility. Otherwise, you can expect a staggering effect on morale, productivity, turnover, customer service, and even profits.

Take the first best step with Team Turnaround: How to Restore Civility to your Workplace. Created for managers and their teams (bring the whole gang!), this workshop will provide specific strategies for improving co-worker relationships, turning around a team, or changing an entire organizational culture.

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Agenda for Team Turnaround

  • How’d we get here? Why common courtesy is not so common, and the 7 warning signs of an incivility problem
  • The bottom-line bottom out. How incivility leads to poor productivity, increased turnover, and decreased profits
  • The vicious cycle of disrespect. When rudeness leads to revenge
  • Are you part of the problem? Take an honest look in the mirror and discover if your leadership or actions encourage offensive behavior
  • Talking it out. How co-workers can conduct civil conversations about incivility
  • Working it out. Strategies to make your group more collaborative, and a 5-step formula for changing an organizational culture
  • Beyond civility. 12 signs you’ve reached a truly collaborative workplace
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Marie McIntyre is a workplace psychologist who operates an international career coaching business, and the website She has written a workplace advice column, Your Office Coach, for thirteen years and is the author of two business books, Secrets to Winning at Office Politics and The Management Team Handbook. Previously, Marie held management positions in both business and government, including Director of Human Resources in a Fortune 500 company. As a consultant, she has worked with a wide variety of organizations, including Cisco, The Home Depot, AT&T, Walgreens, Lockheed Martin, and the CDC. Marie's career advice has appeared in Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Canadian Business, and many other publications.

Marie McIntyre
Marie McIntyre workplace psychologist and international career coach

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