• Friday, Feb. 18
  • 1:00 ET
  • 10:00 PT
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The Growing Problem of Workplace Incivility

In just 90 minutes, workplace psychologist Marie McIntyre will teach how to:

  • Root out the reasons.

    How to recognize the signs of an incivility epidemic at work.

  • Restore respect.

    Specific strategies for improving co-worker relationships.

  • Maintain professionalism and cooperation.

    Methods to turn around your team, or even change the entire organizational culture.

Common courtesy isn’t gone, it just needs to be restored.

If it seems that the impolite language and downright rudeness once reserved for social media have found their way to your workplace, you must take steps to break this cycle of incivility. When left unchecked, incivility can have a staggering effect on morale, productivity, turnover, customer service, and even profits. Rude, disrespectful employees seldom contribute to a healthy bottom line. But how can you eliminate incivility and create a culture of respect and politeness?

During this 90-minute online training, management coach Marie McIntyre will help you restore respectful treatment and create the foundation for cooperation between co-workers and collaboration among departments. Because when people are irritable and impolite with one another, they are much less likely to share information, contribute helpful suggestions or offer assistance with problems. Remember: Employees will always be less productive when they waste time and emotional energy on interpersonal drama. Your customers may also get a negative impression and decide to take their business elsewhere. In short, there can be a very high cost to ongoing incivility at work.

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Agenda for The Growing Problem of Workplace Incivility

  • Why common courtesy is not so common
  • The vicious cycle of disrespect: when rudeness leads to revenge
  • 7 warning signs of an incivility problem
  • Childish adults: pouters, screamers & public attackers
  • Communication insults: email bombers, cyberjunkies & nonresponders
  • How incivility hurts productivity and increases turnover
  • Why professional adults sometimes act like brats
  • Quick quiz: taking an honest look in the mirror
  • How silent bystanders and wimpy managers encourage offensive behavior
  • Dealing with drama: gossips, snobs & office divas
  • How co-workers can learn to have civil conversations about incivility
  • Using a "team turnaround" to make your group more collaborative
  • Legal hazards: frat boys, closet bigots & sexual predators
  • 5-step formula for changing an organizational culture
  • Beyond civility: 12 signs of a truly collaborative workplace

Interactive Q&A time included

You can also pose your questions directly to Marie McIntyre and get specific solutions to problems with your workforce.

Marie McIntyre is a workplace psychologist who operates an international career coaching business, and the website YourOfficeCoach.com. She has written a workplace advice column, Your Office Coach, for thirteen years and is the author of two business books, Secrets to Winning at Office Politics and The Management Team Handbook. Previously, Marie held management positions in both business and government, including Director of Human Resources in a Fortune 500 company. As a consultant, she has worked with a wide variety of organizations, including Cisco, The Home Depot, AT&T, Walgreens, Lockheed Martin, and the CDC. Marie's career advice has appeared in Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Canadian Business, and many other publications.

Marie McIntyre
Marie McIntyre workplace psychologist and international career coach
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